Low Back Pain And Sciatica

Literally speaking, osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’. Individuals with osteoporosis suffer from brittle bones which can be broken more easily than somebody who is not suffering with osteoporosis. As we go through life, our body consistently replaces/remodels our bones to keep them strong. As we get older However, this remodeling cannot continue to keep pace with the natural thinning of the bones which also naturally occurs. Consequently, slowly but surely the bone density is not as healthy as we wish it to be and osteoporosis can result. In relation to Low Back Pain & Sciatica, and the effect osteoporosis may have, it is mainly because of the vertebra of the backbone losing height, which in turn causes the pain.

As the bone relative density of the vertebra reduces in those individuals with osteoporosis, the vertebra start to lose height as a consequence of the weight being positioned through them by our very own body. When severe quiet, relatively small fractures may take place and as a result the vertebra can become quite ‘squashed’. This is known as a compression fracture. Posture: Due to the way in which the vertebra becomes compressed, it causes those battling with osteoporosis to develop a ‘flexed’ or ‘stooped’ posture.

Even though your posture may be quite severely affected, you may not necessarily be suffering any pain at this stage. However, this is not reasonable to be complacent and if you recognize any of these potential changes in posture, it is important a visit is manufactured by you to see you Doctor.

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If these fractures and their consequences begin to irritate the nerve root base which form the sciatic nerve in any way, sciatica i.e. pain down the hip and legs, will result. Osteoporosis is something which may be treated and the sooner you begin treating it the better readily. The pain associated with osteoporosis is not at all something you necessarily have to live with.

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