Scarsdale Diet Recipes

I read the ebook and there is no such thing as a menu for the Keep Trim week. You may plan your own menu holding in thoughts what are the foods you possibly can and cannot eat. I followed the SMD plan and added a couple of additional elements each day. Listed here are the foundations you have to observe on KT weeks. Switch to keep Trim Eating for two weeks, the place you plan your individual menus for two weeks, with a list of extra foods permitted, and higher calories.

If at the end of two weeks on Keep-Trim Program, you want to lose more pounds, return for two more weeks on SMD. Under this unique Two-On-Two-Off program, you continue to lose weight safely and sensibly until you reach your required weight. When you will have reached the healthy, slim, trim weight you should have begun to develop the great consuming habits that may enable you trim for a lifetime. What’s added in during Keep Trim Eating?

An alcoholic drink every day – dry (not candy) if desired – 1 1/2 ounces of exhausting liquor, or 4 1/2 ounces of dry wine. You might have Scotch, bourbon, rye, Canadian whiskey, vodka, gin, dry rum, cognac and different dry brandies. All dry wines, dry champagne and dry sherry are high-quality.

  • 18-25% 25-31% Acceptable
  • fifty five – reasonably lively
  • Weight loss by way of eating much less fats – however do it properly
  • Rob Lipsett

All Lean Meats – sizzling or chilly – beef, lamb, veal, lean ham & pork; all the time trim off seen fat before consuming. Chicken & Turkey – sizzling or cold – cooked in quite a lot of styles and recipes – not fired; all the time trim off pores and skin and any seen fat before consuming.

All sorts of recent & frozen fish – keep away from these canned in rich sauces. Cook to your style, but butter, margarine, oild, shortenings, or other fats should not be utilized in preparation. All types of shellfish – shrimps, scallops, lobster, oysters, clams, crab are wonderful. Cheeses- low-fats cottage cheese, low fats pot cheese, American Cheese, Cheddar, Swiss, Camembert – in fact, practically any cheese. Soups, consomme, bouillon, with vegetables, meats, chicken, fish – without cream, whole milk, or fat. Fruits – apples, oranges, pears, cherries, plums, grapes, grapefruit, melons, watermelon – any ruit you want.

Fruit and vegetable juice could also be enjoyed, but only natural fruit juices with no sugar added – apple, orange , grapefruit, etc. No-sugar tomato juice and Mixed-vegetable juices are superb. Nuts could also be eaten sparingly – walnuts, cashews, pecans, many of your favorites. Bread is permitted on Keep-Trim Eating, but restrict your self to 2 slices per day, ideally protein bread.

Chances are you’ll produce other breads and rolls for a change, as long as you don’t exceed the limitation and don’t choose any breads, rolls or muffins with sugar content material or coatings. No-sugar jellies, jams, preserves may be utilized in moderation. Green salads, virtually any and every mixture of greens you’ll be able to imagine and in whatever portions you would like is allowable, laced with low-calorie dressings (not more than 15 calories per tablespoon), or with lemon, vinegar, and non-oily mixtures.

Beverages, sizzling or cold, as a lot as desired – coffee, tea, no-sugar food plan sodas; no sugar; you might use sugar substitues. Skim or lowfat milk may be added to espresso and tea, if desired. 1. Don’t use sugar; it’s possible you’ll use sugar substitutes. 2. Don’t use cream. 3. Don’t use complete milk; use skim or low-fat milk, if you want, in moderation. 4. Don’t eat ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard, sherbert, or any frozen merchandise that comprise sugar or milk fats.

5. Don’t eat cakes, pies, cookies, sugar jellies, jams, preserves. 6. Don’t eat candy or chocolate. 7. Don’t eat potatoes, rice, candy potatoes, yams, lima beans, baking beans, kidney beans, avocado. 8. Don’t eat spaghetti, macaroni products, noodles, other flour primarily based foods. 9. Don’t eat sausage, bologna, salami, etc., or fatty meats. 10. Don’t eat sweet desserts made with sugar; you may enjoy no-sugar gelatin desserts in all flavors. 11. Don’t add rich dressings, mayonnaise, or different similar salad dressings. 12. Don’t use butter, margarine, oils, bacon fats, shortening, or any form of fat in cooking, or as spreads or dressings. 13. Don’t eat peanut butter. 14. Don’t eat greater than two slices of bread per day, ideally protein bread toasted.

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