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With gastric banding, an inflatable music group is placed round the upper area of the stomach. The music group creates a smaller stomach pouch, restricting the amount of food that may be consumed at one time. The music group also escalates the time it requires for the abdomen to vacant. As a result, patients achieve sustained weight loss by limiting diet, reducing appetite, and slowing digestion. The gastric music group is not typically preferred over other procedures due to its higher rate of complication and slower weight reduction results.

Our team uses either the REALIZE Band or the LAP-BAND for our gastric banding procedures. They are the safest, least traumatic in support of flexible and reversible gastric bands available in America. The gastric banding procedure functions by restricting the quantity of food the stomach can take by placing an adjustable band throughout the upper area of the stomach.

There is no slicing or stapling needed to separate top of the abdomen pouch from the lower stomach. Unlike stomach stapling, the gastric music group can be altered to suit your needs. During gastric banding surgery, the surgeon makes a few small incisions in the abdominal wall structure. Using laparoscopic techniques, a silicon-adjustable music group is secured throughout the upper part of the stomach, creating a little abdomen pouch.

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The music group is linked to tubing that attaches for an access port set beneath the epidermis of the belly. The port can’t be seen and can only be experienced when pressing on the belly. The interface and tubing enable adjustments to be produced. Read more about gastric banding adjustments.

The belly pouch created by the variable band controls the amount of food taken in. It allows a little amount of food to pass through, delaying the emptying of the abdomen into the intestines. This process creates the sensation of quicker and overtime fullness, hunger decreases. The procedure requires about 40 minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis with no required hospital stay.

= $ =p>Recovery right times, but patients can generally go back to work and normal activities within four to a week. As the surgery uses laparoscopic techniques, patients experience less post-operative pain, recover quicker, and can go back to normal activities faster, compared to other kinds of bariatric surgery. Learn more about gastric banding inside our Health Library. Within the first year, our patients lose about 50 percent of their unwanted weight, which sums to more than 100 pounds normally. Most patients lose about five to 10 pounds a month, depending on the diet and exercise regimens.