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I thought I’d show the areas I have committed to. The first one is in table format. As you can see my main investments are in Consumer, Financial, Industrial, and Utilities type stock. This is a chart of the same information. Below the sector is divided further. From this you can see that my biggest investments are in Banks, then Infrastructure Utilities (like pipelines), then Insurance companies and then Power type Utilities (like Emera). This is a chart of the same information. Wednesday, March 29, 2017 around 5 pm.

This could include some real property purchased to earn from its appreciation or excess cash in the business enterprise, which is not used in an operation. This is of total property is truly shown in the accounting formula as the total of liabilities and owner’s collateral. While “Net Assets” is a term used to state the difference between the total property and total liabilities.

Rick Brown: Pleased to answer your questions Otto and desire to catch up with you next time I’m over the right path. OR: So right down to business. What is it truly like running an exploration junior in Brazil? You have a lot of experience of other countries, so how will Brazil compare as a host to conduct business?

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  • 20 years – $50,754
  • 10% on taxable income from $0 to $18,150, plus
  • A full-time dedication (when possible) will get you there in <2 a few months
  • Private Placements
  • Which investor incurs the greatest risk
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RB: Modern mining and exploration, by foreign companies even, has politics and sociable/ community support throughout the country and aside from elements of the Amazon basin generally excellent infrastructure and incredibly tolerable working conditions. The only other country on the continent that can boast those conditions is Chile and that’s much more mature as far as exploration opportunities will go.

The one notable negative in Brazil is the pervasive bureaucracy which is one of the most severe in Lat Am, but once you’ve scaled the learning curve it’s manageable. OR: And what about it as a spot to live, as it’s your home base if memory serves? RB: That’s right and a very easy place to live (except when that dreaded bureaucracy gets in the manner).

First-world convenience and conveniences if you have a professional income and all over the country people are welcoming and friendly. OR: As for the company, Amarillo Gold, we understand that it offers two main projects continue at this time. Can you give us a general summary of both, starting with the Posse project. RB: Posse is a million-ounce source in every category about 60/40 indicated/inferred. Location couldn’t be better, 11km from main N-S Federal government highway, and within a few hours drive of five other major mining projects. The deposit was previously mined on a little scale by WMC in the first 1990’s with about 80,000was extracted.