Boston Digital BA735 Speakers

Well, you possibly can attempt upgrading the sound card to one that has S/PDIF on it so you possibly can use the speakers. I have the same speakers. These are as their identify says digital audio system. The issue is that the driver in your Gateway laptop despatched a digital signal to the analog speaker output.

Your present PC sends a standard analog sign to the analog output and the Boston audio system can’t work with that. Finding a driver on your new laptop that does the same trick is the one manner, but I do not assume that is obtainable anymore. If you discover it, let me know. On another notice I’ve tried to connect the Boston audio system to the digital output of my stereo, but that doesn’t work. Could you do that and report if it works with you? I have the same drawback with my audio system. My ear phones work but not my speakers.

My husband took the audio system apart and determined that the card in the bass speaker was defective. After studying your notes now I am not sure if that right either. This situation happened to me two years in the past when I transferred these nice Boston Acoustics Digital BA735 audio system to my current pc. And that I mounted the issue. The speakers are digital. The audio port in your computer is probably analog.

The audio settings are set to analog. Firstly, you could ensure that the problem isn’t the audio system. Just try them out in your Gateway2000 once more to make sure. Next, plug the audio system into your computer’s audio port. We’re unsure but if it really is simply analog, or if it might support each, or what. After plugging within the speakers and booting up your computer, open up your Volume settings.

Sounds and Audio Devices. After getting the settings open, go beneath Options and click “Advanced Controls”. Test out the sound again. If it works, then improbable! You’ve solved the problem! If it doesn’t work, then you realize the problem lies within the sound card. What it is advisable to do now’s to put in a digital sound card into your PC.

Actually, you have to be ready to only use your previous Gateway2000 sound card! Afterall, it was only a PCI-Slot sound card in the primary place, so it ought to be appropriate with your new computer, provided that there’s a free PCI slot. Removal and set up of PCI cards is very simple and not too difficult.

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If you’ve got never accomplished it earlier than, I counsel consulting a pc geek friend of yours, or to look on the web for PCI Installation guides. Remember: the pc must be off before you take away or put anything into the case. And all the time to ensure to discharge static from yourself earlier than you contact any of the parts inside.

An anti-static wrist guard is very really useful. Once you’ve put in the sound card, plug the audio system into the card, and boot the pc. The Windows XP drivers must be sufficient to recognize the card and permit it some performance. Reboot once more, to ensure that the drivers are put in properly. Test the sound again. If it really works, congrats!