Management Introduction Questions And Answers 51 To 60

Which of the following steps in the planning process involves the business requesting the question “in which environment – external or internal – will our programs operate”? Sakshi Pathak is considering the following questions as she approaches a planning period: (a) What industries should we enter or out of?

In which businesses if the corporation invest money? Which of the following levels would be appropriate to handle the questions facing Ms. Pathak? Which of the following managers offer with the real operations of an organization’s units? Which of the next is/are objectives of sensitivity training? I. It can help individuals gain insights into their behavior and helps them analyze the real way they appear to others.

II. It helps individuals develop the skills necessary for diagnosing and understanding of group processes. III. It exposes managers to ideas, concepts and new advancements in management. Douglas McGregor recognized two opposing perspectives (Theory X and Theory Y) that he believed typified managerial views of employees and recommended that management must start with the basic question of how managers see themselves in relation to others. Which of the next is not appropriate about his theory? Inventory is vital to organizations, as it symbolizes significant costs.

Various methods have been developed to control inventory related costs. Which inventory control method minimizes keeping and purchasing costs, while staying away from stock-out costs? Which of the next ratios tests the relationship between the sales and the various assets of a company? Which model/theory of management does Kavita Ramakrishnan use, when she establishes the potency of decisions as measured by group performance/participation; acceptance and quality? I. Provide organized judgements to support promotions. II. Give a basis for training.

III. Provide a basis for guidance. IV. Let subordinates know where they stand with the boss. Reason: The puspose of the organization level strategy is to recognize the busines areas in which a business will perform its functions. 54. Sensitivity training involves trained in small groups where people create a sensitive consciousness and knowledge of themselves and of their associations with others.

Statement (III) can be an objective of college or university management programs. Reason: According to McGregor, Theory X managers believe that people prefer to be directed, wish to avoid responsibility, have little ambition, and most importantly, want security. Hence, option (b) is not correct about his theory. Reason: Activity proportion tests the relationship between the sales and the many assets of a firm. Reason: Kavita Ramakrishnan is using Vroom and Yetton’s Normative Decision Model.

In this model, the amount of involvement of employees in the decision making process is important. Also the acceptance of your choice by subordinates is important. Reason: The bargaining power of buyers is high when their purchases form a large chunk of the sellers’ total sales. The remaining options are factors that produce buying power of suppliers high. Hence, option (b) is the answer.

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Depending on the type of business and its activities, it might need to be licensed at the local, state and federal government levels. It’s important to remember that the structures talked about here only connect with for-profit businesses. If you’ve done your research and you’re still unsure which business structure is right for you, Friedman advises speaking with a specialist in business law. To find out more on the types of business buildings you can choose, visit the Small Business Administration website. Additional reporting by Marci Nicole and Martin Fallon. Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

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