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This study synthesizes the extant literature to derive an integrative developmental platform for IT business cases that may be applied to diagnose the feasibility of technological investments. We then construct a theoretical model that postulates the impact of IT business case elements on the original cost estimations of technological investments. Subsequently, our theoretical model is put through empirical validation through content analysis from it business situations developed for municipal e-government projects. Findings indicate that the richness of the richness of business cases translates to more initial costs being identified in technological investments, thereby conserving resources for the business through up to date investment decisions.

That means the price tag on a security is an obvious sign of its value at the time it is exchanged. Conversely, an inefficient market is one where there is bound information available for making rational investment decisions and limited trading volume. Proponents of the effective market theory think that a stock’s current price accurately reflects what investors know about the stock. In addition, they maintain that you can’t predict a stock’s future price predicated on its previous performance. Their bottom line, which is contested by other experts, is that it’s extremely hard for a person or institutional buyer to outperform the marketplace as a whole.

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Index funds, which are made to match, then beat rather, the performance of a specific market portion, are in part an outgrowth of efficient market theory. Electronic benefits transfer, or EBT, is a functional system by which recipients of certain authorities benefits receive and spend money electronically, using a plastic EBT card similar to a bank or investment company debit card. Benefits are deposited electronically into the receiver’s program accounts.

The recipient can then use his / her EBT card to make purchases, that is debited from the accounts. All continuing areas now use EBT in addition to traditional paper coupons to send out food stamp benefits. In the event that you online settle payments, you may be able to take benefit of electronic bill presentment, a paper-free approach to reporting your outstanding charges and the amount due.

The lender may either email your monthly statement or inform you via email that the declaration is ready for observing at a secure website. Digital check transformation is a payment process in which a payee is given by you a check, but the actual payment is processed as an electronic funds transfer.

An ECN is a substitute securities trading system that collects, displays, and executes orders without a middleman electronically, like a market or specialist manufacturer. Trading with an ECN allows individual and institutional traders to trade anonymously. Further, ECNs facilitate extended, or after-hours, trading. ECN trade execution can be faster and less expensive than investments managed through screen-based or traditional marketplaces, though the quantity is thin sometimes. However, some ECNs have been approved for official stock market status, expanding the real number of stocks that may be exchanged on their systems.

Electronic money transfer (EFT) is the means by which financial institutions exchange billions of dollars every day with no physical motion of any paper money. Money goes electronically in one bank or investment company accounts to some other, usually within a day of a scheduled payment. When you have disability insurance or long-term care insurance, there’s a waiting period, called the elimination period, from the right time you feel disabled, or are certified looking for long-term care, and when you begin receiving benefits. You often have a choice of eradication intervals – such as 30, 60, or 3 months when you purchase the insurance -, though sometimes the payment gap is dictated by the terms of the plan.

In general, the shorter the reduction period the higher the rates will be for similar coverage. A crisis fund is designed to provide financial back-up for unexpected expenses or for a period when you aren’t working and need income. Countries along the way of building market-based economies are known as emerging marketplaces broadly. However, there are major differences among the national countries included in this category. Some emerging-market countries, including Russia, have only relaxed restrictions on the free-market overall economy lately.

Others, including Indonesia, have opened up their marketplaces more broadly to abroad traders, and still others, including Mexico, are growing industrial creation. Their combined stock market capitalization is less than 3% of the worldwide total. Emerging markets mutual funds invest primarily in the securities of countries in the process of building a market-based overall economy.

Some funds focus on the markets of a certain region, such as Latin America or Southeast Asia. Others choose a global cross-section of locations and countries. This comprehensive law, best known by the acronym ERISA, governs qualified retirement plans, including most private-company-defined benefit and defined contribution plans, and protects the rights of the employees who take part in the plans.