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  • Learn proper technique in power, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises
  • Do 40 minute aerobics and exercise to burn the fats of the body
  • Appetite (increased or decreased)
  • Exercise wisely, like walking
  • Sonja Bruce

While Yoga takes the central stage, the rest from a work-loaded lifestyle is probably the best thing one can expect in a Yoga retreat program. It may also be an chance to reconnect with you near and dear ones. Within this heavy workaholic environment, people have become so active with their careers that they don’t have time to spend with family or play with their children.

Yoga retreat gives you a chance to reunite with those who value you. Yoga stands for unity and a retreat program is the perfect embodiment of yogic beauty that helps you spend some memorable moments with your friends and family. A complete dosage of rest is what you would be experiencing in a Yoga retreat.

Every second you may spend there is straight or indirectly associated with your health and fitness. You emerge completely revitalized from all aspects of life – physically, and spiritually mentally. Shwaasa THE WRITER is a Blogger, Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India. He loves writing on yoga related stuff. He has been practioning yoga exercises from last 7 years. His strong connection with yoga has made him to arrange Yoga deep breathing classes and yoga retreat in India.

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