What Did You Get Up To?

Have had a bit of a jam packed week/end hence the semi-silence on the blog. Thursday was the most gorgeous sunshine, summery day and one of Warr’s housemates Shelly, acquired a spare ticket to Hyde Park for one of the Olympic Concerts offering Dizzee Rascal as well as the Wanted. Sister-of-Shelly was enjoying sunlight too much to leave the courtyard, so I jumped on that. It had been an awesome concert – Sunshine, drinks, music, happy people. Friday morn – Warr experienced to get some Olympic Tickets so we made a decision to have breakfast along Tower Bridge on St Katharine’s Pier looking over the best Olympic Rings.

We sat right near the Statue/ fountain “The Girl as well as the Dolphin” by David Wynne. Warr and I managed to attach some seat tickets for the starting Ceremony Concert in Hyde Park on the Friday Evening which was incredible. There have been so many awesome bands playing -Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Duran Duran, and Paulo Nutini.

The weather behaved itself (mainly) and there was just such a good happy vibe from everyone who was there. Me plus cheesy-bacon croissant plus compulsory red telephone booth snap. Above: Snap of the South African flag on the Horse Guard Parade Stadium. The Volleyball was amazing to view and the commentators do an excellent job ensuring the whole group got associated with Mexican Waves, slow-claps, and chanting. At every Technical PERIODS there have been also a troupe of dancers who would come out and shake-their-thanks for the crowds. We made a decision to take benefit of the sunlit weather and ditch the crowds by walking across London to Waterloo rather than striking up the tubes. It had been a smart move and we ended off at a few English pubs to have a pint. What did you get up to? Anyone do anything fun for the Opening Ceremony?

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This is great news, actually, because the Security password Protected Categories plugin works together with those no nagging problem. If you wish to create a simple internal knowledge base for your company then you’ll probably come across a plugin called WP Knowledgebase. It’s a neat solution, and it can its job. You set up and activate it Once, you’ll see a new custom post-type in your sidebar called Knowledgebase.

You can conceal intranet articles within this custom post type via Password Protected Categories. I’ll show you how in only a sec. If you want your own, manually created custom post-types, then you can do this as well. A solution we like is by making use of the Pods plugin particularly.