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Vistaprint is looking for experienced Software Engineers with the enthusiasm and experience to propel Vistaprint into a head of technology and invention. You aren’t satisfied with “magic” code producing the expected output just, you wish to know how it works under the hood. There is absolutely no refactoring challenge you can’t create the required unit testing to conquer. You feel at home in the depths of a cavernous code bottom with only grep and your favorite IDE by your side. An exciting night out consists of eating pizza and writing code at a local meetup.

You caution more about how exactly your GitHub profile appears than any social media platform. You are no slouch as it pertains to microservice structures. You aren’t timid about whether an endpoint should be considered a PUT or a POST. Vistaprint is a worldwide e-commerce brand empowering more than 16 million micro-companies to professionally promote their business with quality printed and digital marketing products at a realistic price. We support 25 localized Vistaprint websites portions various global markets and have a large number of employees in offices worldwide. Vistaprint is a Compress (Nasdaq: CMPR) brand.

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