Pinay Beauty And Style: Beauty Treats Of LA Makeup And Skincare Review

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review – Here are THEIR FINEST Products! Some time ago I talked about the soft relaunch of the Filipino makeup brand BTLA or Beauty Treats of LA here in your blog. Although I reveal some of my thoughts about their products for the reason that post, I’d like to share an upgrade post and a far more detailed review of their products with you guys.

The thing is, Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare are quite good, but they are unheard of in the beauty community virtually. I raised liking the BTLA Pureskin Anti-Acne cream to some other beauty creator who they sent the same PR parcel to and she couldn’t even remember them.

I had shown her my IG post just so she could keep in mind the products that she didn’t even try. Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review! What and Who is BTLA? BTLA is the infant sister of La Girl Philippines. These are written by the same company LA Global Product Trends.

  1. 5 He sheds a great deal
  2. 2 ♥ Apply a medium pink shimmer (Stubborn) to the guts of your eyelid
  3. Apply any moisturizer of your choice
  4. Metered squirt products of significantly less than 2 oz. net contents
  5. Apply everywhere your skin will be seen by others. Don’t forget behind the ears
  6. Good for any skin type
  7. Do not apply ointments or make an effort to break blisters

I called the BTLA Intensive Eye Gel Cream strange once I first discussed the merchandise on my intro blog because it is so different from other eye creams I’ve attempted. The formulation is very lightweight. It really is a gel. The pipe is huge! It discusses a twice each day program which most attention creams are only meant to be used during the night.

Well, I am pleased that the BTLA Intensive Eye Gel Cream is different! I don’t have pronounced dark undereye circles but this still helped make the region under my eyes a little brighter and more hydrated. True the product is a bit on the pricey side but since you are receiving 3x the quantity of other eye creams on the market, I believe this is worth it.

Overall 4/5 not bad! Scent is nearly nonexistent so great for individuals who are sensitive to scents like me! The BTLA Anti-Pimple Cream is the first BTLA product that I’ve fully used up. I really like the consistency and scent of the product and exactly how fast it absorbs. They weren’t kidding when they said that this is mild and fast absorbing.

I didn’t experience any tingling sensation like I usually get from other anti-pimple creams. That is a great natural powder for those who have oily pores and skin. Can be a bit powdery if you have dry skin or dehydrated epidermis but oil control is excellent. Compact powders are designed to be used for touch ups and this provides on that! I still don’t know how much this is but this is the best from their range! This is highly subjective but the BTLA Cream Foundation is a winner for me personally.

It is a cream base that models matte and gives a gentle medium coverage. The yellowish shade also helps brighten the counteract and pores and skin redness. I really think that this brand will probably be worth a go although they don’t really get very much attention from the beauty community. You must try their products if you’re a bit reasonable and looking once and for all oil controlling face makeup. BTLA skincare too will probably be worth a look!

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While I’m sure it isn’t the best browser in the world it’s still pretty good. I say better than the Nars Laguna! It is also pretty matt so, depending on your skin build you can either utilize it for a number of contouring or even to help achieve that tanned bombshell look. It’s a tiny little orange but, not at all to cause you to look like Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars enough. Also, depending on what kind of person you are you might not love the smell.