The 3rd gross annual KUNNA KIDA, Arabic for “We were such as this,” just concluded its ten day run in Jeddah’s oldest area, the historic area called Al Balad, which in 2014 was called a UNESECO World Heritage site. I had fashioned the perfect time the evening I travelled with several about ten friends and two publications (many thanks and shout out to Abid and Rawan!). The historical happening celebrates the history, culture, practices, and arts of the region. What was incredible to see is the enjoyment, the satisfaction, the attempts, and the original heat of the Saudi people who bring this festive event to life and the ones in attendance whose excitement was palpable.

As soon even as stepped inside the gates, we were transferred with time to a much old Jeddah back again. We were greeted and welcomed by joyous Saudi men in traditional clothing who sang and danced for all of us even as we entered. It was a great start to a well planned and carried out happening.

Thousands of families attended, many via the areas of the countrywide country as academic institutions were away of procedure for a winter respite. Little girls dressed in colorful traditional dresses and wore on the heads the cap-like golden coin ornamental headpieces worn for special occasions. It was amazing to see the large variety of handicrafts made by Saudi women. Among other things, there was even an operetta that was appointed to be performed for the event – regrettably I missed it. The bright colored lighting enhanced the beauty of the old houses as the crowds busily made their way through the thin pavements and walkways.

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Some buildings were erected specially for the event and will stay up for approximately half a year before being removed. I could see many changes in the Al Balad area, including new souvenirs outlets and a new catalogue. Jeddah Our Days of Bliss has been very productive in dealing with the government to refresh the old ancient area of the location – and they are doing quite an extraordinary job. The Bliss team in addition has functioned as consultants with the event organizers.

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