Of Barclays He Remarked

Dan Hanbury, the experienced and high-performing manager of the River and Mercantile UK Equity Income account has told What Investment that he thinks Lloyd’s Banking Group can grow its dividend significantly in the short-term. Dan Hanbury, the experienced and high-performing manager of the River and Mercantile UK Equity Income finance has informed What Investment that he is convinced Lloyd’s Banking Group can grow its dividend significantly in the short-term. Lloyds Banking Group is among the top ten holdings in his £250 million fund, and he remarked, ‘the bank or investment company is exposed to the UK overall economy and is cyclical, it will do as the UK economy recovers better.

In its latest set of results Lloyds Banking Group showed cash flow per share of 8p, however the dividend is just 0 currently.75p, and Hanbury expects that more of this cash flow will result in an elevated dividend. But Hanbury is eager to counsel investors that neither Lloyds nor any other UK bank, should ever be regarded as a predictable income stock. Furthermore to Lloyds, Hanbury also offers investments in Barclays, RBS, and HSBC.

Of Barclays he remarked, ‘This isn’t nearly the dividend, its about the full total return, which, unusually for money fund manager is exactly what I have a tendency to focus on. Of HSBC he commented, ‘I would expect them to be able to keep up with the dividend, though not develop it perhaps. In general his optimism round the prospects for the banking sector are centered on what he sees as the ‘improved regulatory environment’ in which those companies operate. From the financial sector Away, he in addition has recently bought into Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

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Hanbury started life as a little cap manager and he still retains a strong interest in the sector, between the shares where he could be presently invested that reside outside the FTSE 100 is Vitec. He could be also thinking about the investment case for FDM, which is a graduate recruitment company that he feels can capitalize on structural change in its market. The Mercantile and River UK Collateral Income fund have a current yield of 4.3 %. Hanbury commented that his account is atypical of the collateral-income sector, in that it is more likely to prosper as the economy improves.

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