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Can you buy music from your iPod? Where you can buy iPod touch? How do you make a normal iPod into an ipod touch? Year-old an ipod touch Should you buy 9? It depends upon the girl the way the are acting and the attitude so I am going to buy an iPod shuffle rather than an iPod touch because it is cheaper. Just how much does it cost for a camera for the ipod touch?

You can’t buy a camera for your ipod touch you only buy an ipod with a camera installed and I think that you only get the camera on the new ipods. Where can you get an ipod touch? You can find an iPod Touch in Future Shop, Walmart, Best Buy, or your neighborhood mall!

How do you play Nintendo DS games on an iPod Touch? You will need to get them from the internet on the iPod Touch. Is there video games already on iPod touch? You will find no games already in the Ipod touch No, you have to go to app store and buy them. How do you upload a movie on an ipod touch without buying it?

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If you do not choose the movie, you can’t upload it to the ipod touch. What is the best ipod touch to buy if its your first touch? How much money is a iPod touch? 200 dollars U.S. to 400 dollars U.S. What’s the iPod touch with memory?

The most memory space that I have heard for a Ipod touch is sixty-four gigabytes, which is for the third era Ipod touch. You can online buy them anywhere. How can you get an ipod touch? Why can’t you play games on the ipod touch on the computer? The video games for the ipod pouch were specifically designed for the iPod Touch and can only just be played using an ipod touch. If anyone could choose the apps because of their computers, no one would be buying an ipod touch. Thus, the apps can only focus on the iPod, not on your PC.