Techs: JackFruit Processing

Jack fruit is commonly produced in Asia and is trusted in Southeast Asian cuisines. Jack fruit can be consumed unripe (young) when cooked. The Jack fruit’s seed products might be boiled or cooked like beans. Prepared Jack fruits are also sold in groceries and mainly in tourist and pasalubong shops broadly. If you’re planning to go into Jack fruit-processing business, then this is a guide how to most of the processed Jackfruit sold on the market today.

1. Wash jack fruits with clean, plain tap water. 10 minutes to lessen microbial weight. 3. Cut into halves. 4. Separate edible yellowish pulp from the white pulp. 5. Take away the seed products. 6. Weigh the yellow pulp. Blend water and glucose to dissolve. 8. Blanch the pulp in syrup until translucent. 11. Drain the syrup.

12. Rinse with clean tap water. 13. Lay in trays. 14. Dry in a cupboard dryer at 60 ± 5oC for 8 to 12 hours or until the pulp sticks to the cheesecloth. 15. Remove from trays and pack dried out jackfruit in common plastic material bags loosely. 16. Allow to sweat for moisture equilibration overnight.

17. Coat in confectioner’s sugar. 18. Pack in the OPP or PP plastic luggage of 0.003″ to 0.004″ thicknesses. 19. Seal, label, and store in a cool and dry place. 1. Weigh washed and sanitized jackfruit previously. 2. Cut and slice. 3. Separate edible yellowish pulp from the white pulp. 5. Weigh yellowish pulp. 6. Steam-blanch yellow pulp for 3 minutes. 10. Dry in a drum dryer. 11. Cut/Roll into styles while hot. 12. Allow to cool at room temp.

13. Pack in appropriate packaging material and seal. 14. Store and Label in a cool and dry place. 1. Weigh previously washed and sanitized jackfruit. 3. Separate yellow pulp from white pulp. 5. Weigh yellow pulp. 6. Pack in previously sterilized jars. 8. Add hot syrup into jars formulated with the fruit. 9. Remove bubbles created by exhausting at 80oC for 10 minutes.

11. Process jackfruit in jars in boiling water for half an hour. 12. Cool at room heat range. 13. Store and Label. 1. Mash or Mix ripe jackfruit. 2. Add milk and sugar. 3. Cook over slow fire. Stir constantly until an easy blend is obtained. The mix should not adhere to the relative sides of the frying skillet. 4. Transfer the prepared mixture more than a kneading board protected with wax paper. 5. Spread butter and little bit of sugar over the mixture. 6. Sprinkle small amounts of sugar on the wax paper. Spread the mixture utilizing a rolling pin until it is 1-inch dense. 7. Make pieces around 4 x 1 cm.

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