Harry Phil Jones is a 25-year-aged resident artist as a studio whose existence is dominated by solving the murder of his friend, Brianna Ryan. Brianna was suffocated in 2014 and the killer was under no circumstances brought to justice.

He is a Uk Christian who defines himself while right. He started studying chemistry at university but never finished the course. He is enthusiastic about tank tops.

Physically, Harry is overweight but otherwise in good form slightly. He’s tall with olive epidermis, auburn hair and blue eye.

He grew up in an operating class neighbourhood. His dad left when he was youthful, leaving him along with his mother, who was simply an addict.

He’s currently in a romantic relationship with Jaimi Kathy Hardy. Jaimi may be the same age seeing that him and works seeing that a learning student.

Harry’s best friend is certainly a resident artist seeing that a studio known as Kaylea Sutherland. They are inseparable. He also hangs around with a resident artist as a studio known as Marlowe Bond. They enjoy binge-watching collectively boxed sets.