Business Admin NVQ Level 2

As promised other optional models would be uploaded when completed. NB- Please do nearly duplicate this work, make questions highly relevant to where you work and the techniques of your particular company. This unit is about making and receiving telephone transferring and calls calls, when necessary, in a business environment. 1- Learn how to make calls. 1.1 Describe the different features of phone systems as well as how to use them. Telephone systems have many cool features this allows us to take care of and manage phone calls in a specialist manner. · Call holding- places a caller on keep so you can perform another job.

This is to find paperwork, find customer/customer details, retrieve information from another member of staff or contact another colleague to divert the call along to. · Call waiting- tells you when there is a caller waiting on another line and wishes to speak to you. This is shown by a flashing light, beeping firmness or both.

· Re-directing- can be found on telephone systems were you might be necessary to forward a call to another colleague. The features for re-directing state ‘redirect’ or ‘transfer’ Usually. · Answer phone- records messages of callers when nobody is available to take the call. · Teleconferencing- enables more than the ‘caller’ and ‘recipient’ to be involved in one phone call.

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There are actually often enhanced by using a camera and computer. · Text messaging- features enable you to send and receive text style text messages, a mobile phone alike. 1.2 Give known reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it. 1.3 Describe different ways of obtaining the true brands and numbers of individuals that need to be contacted.

· if a company name is well known try looking for number on the website, try phoning the business directly to see if anyone can help with your search. · If name is well known search online phone book or type straight into search engines such as Google. · Enquire within the business to see if anyone has dealt with the individual before or if they may know of somebody who can help. · Internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace as most people have an account personally or of their business to advertise them.

· NB- whenever contacting people always clearly state who you are and just why you are getting in touch with them. 1.4 Describe how to employ a telephone system to get hold of people outside and inside an organisation. Outside call- most company cell phones are setup internally which means you have to start with the phone call with a connection number. At UK Waterproofing Solutions Ltd we press ‘9’ prior to making another call as this links us to another line instead of the call being dealt with internally. 1.5 Explain the purpose of giving an optimistic image of personal and own company with both incoming and outgoing calls.

1.6 Explain the purpose of summarising the final results of a telephone conversation before ending the call. Summarising is important so both ongoing parties involved are certain of the information that has been exchanged, it ensures all questions are clarified fully also. 1.7 Describe how to recognize problems and who to refer them to. 1.8 Describe organisation buildings and communication stations within an company.