Can Creams Eliminate Spider Veins?

Can Creams Eliminate Spider Veins? We often obtain inquiries if we have something that can eliminate spider veins. Our brief answer is “No! Creams won’t focus on spider veins.” Sometimes, some will question our frank reply. Many people are being deceived into thinking claims of “innovative remedy in a jar” for unsightly spider veins.

These expensive creams are highly advertised and sold over the counter and in the internet. Some arrangements have horse chestnut draw out. Some have caffeine. Others have extracts of arnica and cypress. Most have vitamin K. And there is the favorite Hirudoid cream then. The ingredients in these creams cannot penetrate the skin in sufficient concentrations to have any influence on the veins. None of these can fix the fundamental issue of a stretched out vein. Spider veins are small, superficial blood vessels that are noticeable on the surface of the skin highly.

They may appear to be several veins radiating out from a central point; they might have a form like the branches of a tree; or they may be thin, separate lines. They’re mostly found on the legs. You could have spider veins if you’re pregnant, overweight, inactive, or have an operating job that will require standing up for long periods of time.

In most situations, heredity plays a job. If your mother has them, there’s an increased risk that you’ll likewise have spider veins as you grow older. Prevention is possible by putting on compression stockings when you have to stand frequently for extended periods of time, such much like nurses, teachers and retail sales workers. Walking, weight loss, and elevating the legs at bedtime are very beneficial also. If creams do not work, what are the treatment options? Sclerotherapy is the best treatment for spider veins on the hip and legs and laser treatments will be the best for treating spider veins on the facial skin and nasal area.

Sclerotherapy consists of injecting the veins with a saline solution that causes the vein to collapse and vanish. The procedure is easy and relatively inexpensive. For very small spider veins on the real face, laser beam IPL and therapy will be the effective options. The high energy treatment causes the veins to shrink and steadily become invisible. Although needle free, there continues to be stinging sensation with the laser and IPL options. While these clinic procedures for spider vein treatment are more expensive than those creams being peddled in the internet, the results are more effective considerably. Don’t waste your money on creams that will not work.

This column was released in the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on October 8, 2013. The writer is the CEO of SkinStation. He received the 2011 Outstanding Chemist Award from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for his accomplishments in the field of cosmetic chemistry. Skin Smart aspires to clarify facts and common myths on skin care.

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