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WineTalent is working on a meeting Sales Manager search with our confidential customer in the Napa Valley. This position is offering and managing occasions for a lavish destination vacation resort in Napa’s beautiful wine country. Job Description: THE FUNCTION Sales Manager will be promoting the resort as a premier venue for corporate and social events. This person will be handling new business development with hospitality specialists as well as planning and handling memorable occasions for guests.

The Event Sales Manager will interact closely with industry connections at a multitude of businesses including destination management companies, caterers, corporate and business event planners, as well as hotel and vacation resort event managers. The ideal applicant will have a solid network of meeting professionals and an enthusiastic understanding of the needs and desires of the luxury resort guest.

The Event Sales Manager will also work carefully with main guests to plan and perform world-class occasions throughout the year. THE FUNCTION Sales Manager handles a team of event professionals and ensures that events are completed to the highest level of visitor satisfaction. • Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation, Business, or a carefully related self-discipline. Industry experience in lieu of a degree will be looked at also.

• Proven track record in event sales and business development within the hospitality, holiday resort or related industry. • Excellent knowledge of the Napa Valley and the locations for occasions in it. • Highly tuned eyes for luxury. • Effortless ability to develop rapport in person, on calling and through digital communications. • A capability to work with your team to produce memorable and creative occasions for an array of guests. • Commitment to creating a solid team work culture within your section to ensure events are carried out to the highest level of client satisfaction. • Ability to represent the resort and its associated companies throughout the hospitality and wine industry to continuously promote and support the holiday resort. • Dedicated and professional work behaviors with a desire to build a business and support a luxury brand in Napa Valley.

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