Myanmar has offered 18 onshore oil and gas exploration blocks to international energy companies, but most are more thinking about the country’s offshore advancements, Dow Jones reported. These offshore blocks are expected to be more lucrative, the source stated, and western oil makers will continue to wait before Myanmar authorities offer just offshore leases to bid for exploration rights in the united states.

Richard Nelson, a Singapore-based partner of a law firm who advises large international essential oil companies on Myanmar, according to the article. The Agence France Presse said the onshore leases that are available in Myanmar to stand for a third of most blocks available in the country. A company will be able to bid for to three blocks at the same time up. The foundation reported Myanmar is probably the top five potential oil and gas exploration and production sites in the world. More information on oil and gas exploration in Myanmar is available at PennEnergy’s research area.

In Myanmar Offshore Sites, there were already eight Myanmar Companies being selected to do Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Exploitation said the news headlines. Selected International Co. List which Ten Offshore Shallow water Sites and ten Offshore Deep Sea Sites were released by the Ministry of Energy last week, Myanmar Companies that may participate in co-work was not notified yet. For 20-Offshore Worksites, there were Operator-allocated International Companies 13 quantities; 10 in Shallow water Work Sites and 8 in a few Deep Sea Work Sites were allowed to co-work said Myanmar Oil and Natural Gas Enterprise MOGE.

For Shallow drinking-water Work Sites such as A-4 and A-7 and Deep Sea Work Sites such as AD-2 and AD- 5, British-based BG Asia Pacific and Australia-based Woodside Oil Companies were chosen. As Joint Co. Myanmar Top Oil Boss Michael Moe Myint’s Myanmar Petroleum E & P (MPEP) got authorization to do joint whose part of Myanmar Co. got to let the most Work Site to do. US-based Chevron (Unocal Myanmar) Co. was selected for Offshore Shallow drinking-water Site A-5 and it selected pair Myanmar Co. was Royal Marine Engineering.

Shallow-water Work Sites such as A-4, A-5, and A-7 were worked well by Foreign Companies but they were paid back to MOGE due to numerous reasons, and it was participated again in the First Offshore Tender Call. “Get the Work Chance Myanmar is so good but it could be a little investment; not having Technology in Myanmar but still.

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To deal good with the Government, such Diplomacy show was insight,” explained Energy Consultant U Khin Maung Cho. India Energy Co.. Reliance was selected for M-17 and M-18 and Joint Co. would be U Tin Myint’s Myanmar Co. entitled United National Resources Development Services. 60 billion when Offshore Work Site Start Time, that is, 100 % of GDP.

Among firms that have recently won licenses to explore for coal and oil are little-known businesses based in Panama, Azerbaijan-countries, and Nigeria where corporate and business accountability can be murky. Not only does the bidding process remain opaque, the pedigree of some of the participants is too. CIS Nobel Oil Company claims to be London centered, but on investigation it’s the only contact address is in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, a former republic of the Soviet Union on the Caspian Sea. A map showing oil and gas blocks in Burma. Nobel is to prospect for coal and oil with an unnamed onshore block granted by the Burmese Ministry of Energy.