Facebook Personal Page Vs. Business Page: Can They Be Combined?

Hi…love your “Facebook Marketing Workbook”! I am rebuilding my horse business FB web page using your suggestions. I have a personal FB page with about 650 friends, horse owners/competitors mostly. How do you connect my own page with my FB page so both see my posts as I build my business?

Answer. Here is a link to the Facebook help file on converting a personal profile into a business web page: here. So that it can be done. There are some “howevers” that are essential to understand. A living “person” is meant to truly have a profile on Facebook. You are always “merging” your persona life / activity / improvements with your “business passions,” and often you do not want to share every personal revise with your business connections.

However, the “edgerank” of your individual profile is stronger – meaning that your “posts” or “updates” are More likely to show in the news feed of cable connections for an individual profile than for a business page. A business “page” gets the benefit that interested individuals do not have to wait so that you can acknowledge their “like” request.

They just “like” your business web page, and voila they are connected. You can also then split your individual life from your business brand, plus they would see only your business page updates on their own information feeds. However, the edgerank of a business is much, much weaker than of an individual profile – in fact, these days it is very difficult to get your business updates to show in their news feed Without advertising. So, you might have to pay to play – pay to advertise on Facebook (e.g., boost your posts) for them to show in the news feeds of clients.

So, before you “merge” your individual profile with a business page and/or create one… be sure you understand the ramifications. Also, just be aware that over time, you aren’t likely to use a personal profile for business usages. I have came across instances in which Facebook FORCES one to move an individual profile into a business page.

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