Here’s Why The Federal Reserve Disables Its YouTube Comments

When Americans first learn about the Federal Reserve their jaw drops, You indicate the national federal government can just get the Government Reserve to printing money out of nothing? Increasing the national debt, creating mass inflation and financial recessions while prolonging the war also? The fact that only one million Americans know how our monetary system works goes to show that a lot of won’t have a real grasp of the way the Federal Reserve functions, clueless of its financial consequences. Stefan Molyneux is right, if all Americans truly knew about the Federal Reserve there would be a trend the following day.

In a way, this unknowing is deliberate; after detailing the Federal Reserve, the documentary THE LARGEST Scam in THE ANNALS of Mankind – Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Nonetheless, the guy that works within my bank is right, this did start as a conspiracy, in the same way most scams start of as, and being the largest one in the global world, it had to be one of the very most secretive. The bankers of course they will always be the largest beneficiaries of the Federal Reserve.

Any time societal collapses take place, small or big, government seem to take advantage and intervene always, getting more power while legitimizing their unconstitutional treatment to the public also. The consequence of inflation hurts the lower-middle class the most, they’re the ones that take out the loans, not the rich. In conclusion, the Federal Reserve, the Nixon surprise – (canceling the direct international convertibility of U.S.

  • Claims on U.S. depository establishments and NCUA-insured credit unions
  • Should I buy this property for investment
  • GDP accounting ignores the depletion of natural resources
  • Sell $250,000+, percent billed is 0.75%

Yet most importantly, this is all unconstitutional. A couple of 12-Government Reserve districts across the national country; the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. CONSTITUTION Ave while the New York Federal Reserve is located on LIBERTY Street, the irony is so blatant, yet it continues to exist. To place it bluntly, our financial system is a pyramid system.

I’ll leave it to Dr. Ron Paul to expose these crooks further. Social and Politics IssuesUniform Commercial Code FINANCIAL RECORD And The UCC1 Redemption Process. You Should Know All Documented Legal Facts! Sign in or subscribe and post utilizing a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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