How Many Falsehoods And Logical Inconsistencies IS IT POSSIBLE TO Spot?

Back in August, I blogged about the latest effort by Cheryl Lee Nunn, owner of vanity publisher American Book Publishing Inc., to expand her author-fleecing efforts with a network of new publishers, bogus posting organizations, and triple-barrelled aliases. Following my expose, Nunn slapped ludicrous “for sale” notifications on web sites of the fake ones and two of the new publishers, Alexis Press and Atlantic National Books. The one that brought her scheme to my attention, however–All Classic Books–remained active, possibly because it was the only one that had actually recruited authors. It appears that Nunn Now, who runs All Classic Books under the true name Rebecca Reece Winslow, is throwing in the towel on All Classic as well.

But when you’ve put a lot of work into a scheme, it’s challenging to ignore it without at least some return on your investment, right? Inside a move similar to those Nigerian spam-scams where recipients are threatened with FBI investigation if they don’t really give money pronto, Nunn, a.k.a. Winslow, is attempting to soak her authors prior to the door slams shut with a long, bullshit-stuffed email designed to scare them into paying to get their rights back. Take a look. All typos and emphases thanks to the original.

How many falsehoods and reasonable inconsistencies is it possible to spot? Please, react today so we know you are getting this e-mail ASAP and tell us what you plan to do. Some writers have delayed responding because they believe that they could have a better opportunity if All Classic Books come or merged with another publisher someday. It is unlikely, as it has been on the market for a few years without any serious customers.

Most likely our reserve contracts will visit a transfer agent that will hold it for a long period before it is merged or resolved. This is why we are offering to help our writers do their full rights buyouts before they get caught in the center a legal limbo using their titles tangled up in red tape for possibly a very long time.

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I advise you not to be reluctant to do the buyout, your book’s sales opportunities are not going to progress if you only let it stay as is here. The panel of directors of American Book Inc. that owns and works All Classic Books have voted to sell our resources and book contracts to some other publisher and close this month.

The directors have been financing our functions with additional investment because the company has not been earning a profit. After reviewing writer responses to your marketing campaigns and their own marketing and promotional plans the directors believe this is not a viable business model in selecting talented, but not professional authors. We’d hoped with the right selection, and prepared marketing campaigns we’re able to overcome the unfamiliar author issues.

But without the level of assistance from the authors needed in building their author platforms and other jobs, it is not possible for this new publishing company business model to succeed. We have been losing money as have a great many other publishers over the last few years and so All Classic Books is also improbable to be a stunning company to get.

We want to help ease any problems this creates for you and the entries and sales of your book. It is therefore critical you respond to this e-mail immediately and take action quickly to move your title to some other publisher now before it gets tied up with a transfer agent. 695.00 until November 12, 2013 that will prevent your name from being tangled up in the sales or closing transition or with a transfer agent over a couple of years.

All Classic Books authors, take notice: This email is bogus. For the expected sale–no one is going to buy a money-losing publisher, even if it was a genuine publisher and not a phantom procedure, and even if Nunn was contemplating finding a buyer really. Nor is there such a thing as a “transfer agent” for publishing contracts. If a publisher goes bankrupt, contracts do indeed get tied up in the clutter and could be frozen before the court decides to sell or release them–but that’s not what’s happening here. All Classic isn’t heading bankrupt.

It’s performing a bunk. DO NOT PAY TO REALLY GET YOUR RIGHTS BACK! Don’t put money into a scammer’s pocket, and don’t dignify this disgraceful extortion attempt with a reply. If your reserve hasn’t yet been released or put on sale, you can wait around out your contract’s 18-month publish-or-revert period. Or, unless you want to hold back 1. 5 years, you can send a termination notice to All Classic’s latest snail mail and email addresses, addressed to whichever staff name is on your contract. State that since the publisher is ceasing procedures, you’re terminating your agreement immediately, and reverting all privileges to your work. EDITED 11/13/13 TO ADD: All Classic Books’ website now has a large “ON THE MARKET” to remain it.