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Why young Singaporeans don’t need to be concerned about buying their first HDB Home in Singapore? Buying their first home seems to be a problem among teenagers in Singapore. Is it really that scary to own a residence as a person living in Singapore? It really is not so frightening if we realize what to do and the way to buy a residence which we can afford comfortably. Owning a house should be an enjoyable process and not a difficult situation which we put ourselves into.

So what can we do to make owning a house in this high casing price era more fun? Let me show you how it can be. Most of us would know that people can use our CPF to buy a house. 30,000. This is really a significant huge amount of cash for young couples who want to own their own house. For couples, saving up because of their wedding, the reconstruction works and the honeymoon enough is already tense. Thankfully, we don’t need to conserve additionally for the deposit of a residence because CPF has automatically saved it for us.

20,000 in his CPF OA accounts within 3 years of working. 23% of his/her salary is contributed to the CPF OA every month by himself and by his/her employer. The amount of money in CPF OA can be used for housing which may be used to pay the deposit of a residence. Along with his or her spouse Together, you can safely afford the deposit of a residence within three years of working.

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I began working early in my own life right after my National Service. 60,000 in my CPF accounts in total. 1,700 per month when I just began working and CPF actually helped me build up a significant good amount of cash. Now, I don’t have to worry about casing cost. The cost savings that i have gathered can be utilized for other stuffs such as wedding and renovation costs.

Besides using CPF for the down payment of a fresh home, young couples can also use CPF to cover the monthly instalment of their house. 575 contributed to their CPF OA each. 1,150 on a monthly basis from their CPF OA to cover the regular monthly instalment of their new home.

If they buy a home within their means, they don’t even have to spend extra cash to pay for the casing loan. 5000 could have in their CPF Ordinary account. 1265. That is more than enough to pay their housing loans completely by CPF without the need to turn out any cash. Furthermore, there are additional steps to help young Singaporeans in buying their first HDB home a far more fuss free experience. Let’s take a look at the last part below on the subsidies which we’ll be capable of geting. I’ve explored and summarised the grants available for a new HDB home. That is for first-time applicants only.