THE REALITY About Mary Kay

Unfortunately, you women are in truly in the pink vortex. The system is broken. Exactly what does “pink vortex” mean? Are you informing us that the above “facts” are SO well established that anyone who is convinced you can certainly do MK with ethics is in a vortex of ignorance? How well is that working for you really? Are women phoning you begging to carry skincare classes?

Here is where some “pro-mkers” have the tendency to want to call “anti-mkers” lazy. You can’t expect women to call YOU begging for anything… it doesn’t work that way. YOU have to call them… plenty of them! If someone informed you that they would call you… I’m sorry to say… they lied for you.

1000 weeks on the consistent basis? 400 revenue with the 60/40 break up? MK business either wanting to pay off credit cards or purchasing a lot more inventory? I will let the consultants answer these questions individually and not speak for the group but I’ll point out that everyone will have different goals in mind.

For some “plowing profits” to their business is good. Even if you build-up your offering business, you will at some point be inspired from your Director, Sr. Director, or NSD to gouge your sales, but recruiting your very best customers. These things are all good… but you are making them sound bad.

The ONLY way you will move up in the company is recruit and frontload. Simply not true. Recruit yes. Frontload no. Actually, I believe frontloading is the quickest “ticket” to failure in Mary Kay. HUGE hundreds in “Production” is a requirement to go up and “gain a free car” (with a co-pay by the way). Achieving new levels and EARNING a free of charge car are honored when you are making the ongoing company money.

If it didn’t require HUGE production it might be kind of pointless… don’t you think? It has nothing in connection with SALES, MK rewards women because of product purchased by them or their team members. The intent is still that you should SELL. It really is illogical if you ask me how someone would opt to pay for thousands of product they have no intention of selling just to earn something which may be worth a few hundred dollars.

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  • Irregular borders around the spot
  • Brad Pitt
  • Certified natural and organic ingredients
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  • 2 tablespoons dried chamomile
  • A little bit of water in a aerosol bottle

Nonetheless, the actual fact that many people do/have done this does not mean that it was ever the company’s intention. MK (like the majority of product based companies) offers its marketers awards based on the inventory ordered. Aiming to “cheat” a ongoing company the way you are explaining does not make sense for anybody.

The company should not be held culpable because of this sort of imprudence. You WILL learn to frontload – but you’ll be told you are setting the ladies up for success with a full store. Again – ticket to failure. Hopefully no one on this website is doing this or will “learn” to ever. No, frontloading is not setting up women up for success.

MK is all about greed. It’s a Pink Cult of greed and until you ladies recognize that, you’re caught up in the lie. Is it feasible that the MK you experienced and observed is a little part of a picture that if seen in its completeness ended up being different than what you have seen?

Most people on this website have come to terms with the fact that their experience (good or bad) may or might not be the normal experience. Can you at least acknowledge that likelihood with your experience? You will discover out soon enough when you stop buying excessive product that is not immediately needed, just to reach a superstar level order – that you hear from your Director significantly less often. If you’re not regularly producing for any company what purpose would they need to stay in continuous touch with you? Do these are wished by you to call one to chat?